Tips for Staging Your Home

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in life, so when you make the decision to put it on the market, you’re going to want to make sure it’s in its most presentable condition. Here are some handy staging tips that will add value to your home’s selling price.

Remember the Basement and Attic Tips for Staging Your Home

The top and bottom levels of your home are functional living spaces, so you might as well dress them up as such! Design and real estate experts suggest keeping basement spaces open and airy, creating a lounge feel that is inviting. Make the most out of the square footage in your attic by converting your attic into an additional room. Create shelving for extra storage and consider insulating the area, as it is the part of your home that loses heat and cold air the fastest.

Minimize Wall Decor

If you’ve lived in your home a majority of your life, then it is probably bursting with personality, and touches of you and yours are bound to be discovered around every corner. But if you’re looking for a high return investment, you’ll want to remove anything that could appear controversial. Religious icons and provocative art may illicit a strong reaction in potential buyers. Stick to modest but interesting decor and colors that allow the potential buyer’s imagination to run wild with how they can dress the new space in their own unique style.

Don’t Forget About the Closets

While you’re going through your home cleaning checklist, make sure you check the closets. You want potential buyers to get a feel for how spacious your rooms are, and the closets are an essential feature. Any garments that don’t need to be hung should be placed in attractive storage bins. Wipe out the top shelves if you can, leaving only what you need within reach.

Just like buyers, sellers can be choosers. You have total control over your home selling process, and with our help, you’ll get a desired return investment. Find out how at Phillips Real Estate today!