Keys to a Successful Buyer’s Broker-Client Relationship

Keys to a Successful Buyer’s Broker-Client Relationship Finding the perfect home is a satisfying feeling once it happens. And while the home buying process is perceived to be governed by a bottom line, a true real estate broker knows that servicing you in the best way possible is the ultimate gratifying experience. Here are a few simple etiquette rules that will help you to both maintain a successful working relationship and seal the deal.

A Phone Call Goes a Long Way

Keep in mind that you are not your broker’s only client. Your buyer’s broker wants to provide you with individualized attention you deserve while maintaining a balance within their client base. It’s important for both the client and broker to be punctual when making appointments to look at new homes. If either of you are running late, give a quick ring. If you can’t keep an appointment, send a quick text. It makes the entire process that much easier.

Follow Proper Open House Etiquette

Before attending an open house alone, share your thoughts with your buyer’s broker. They may want to accompany you to offer pertinent information you may not have giving careful consideration had you decided to go alone, and they may actually insist on it. Your buyer’s broker is your arbitrator of knowledge, hired specifically to make sure you’re getting the best investment. Try to refrain from asking about the seller or their motivations at the open house and allow the agent to handle matters professionally for you.

Leave the Lines of Communication Open

Be practical in your quest to find your dream home. It’s good to have high expectations, but you must also consider the geographical scope and budget scrunching that goes into making such a huge decision. Give your buyer’s broker a realistic time frame for finding your home, and always offer feedback. If you’re unhappy with something, or you want to try a different approach, let them know.

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