Four Factors for Buyers to Consider

Buying a home? The process can seem overwhelming, but if you’re well informed, you can make the process simpler. There are many factors that all buyers should consider before putting an offer in on a home. Let’s take a look at four of the most important considerations to keep in mind as you shop for your new home.


Home Buyer ConsiderationsA big part of a home is that old adage – location, location, location. Make sure that you check out the neighborhood where your prospective home is located before you commit to buying. Things like school zones, traffic, crime, access to transit and other neighborhood considerations should factor into your decision as they can affect your comfort once you’ve moved in. Make sure to think about these things ahead of time.


If you don’t like to be friendly with your neighbors, choose a place with lots of land between homes. If you like to get together with the locals for book club or weekly dinners, a community with row homes may be better for you.


If you’re a young couple starting a family or have kids that are approaching school age, don’t forget to check out which school district your home falls into. That means not only elementary school, but also middle and high schools, too.


Remember that whatever home you’re buying, you’ll have to take care of, as well. So, if you’re thinking about a large piece of land, but not comfortable using a lawn mower, you might want to look elsewhere. Similarly, if you’re considering a larger home or an older property, you may need to make sure you’re prepared to keep up with the upkeep.

Structural and Appliance Condition

You can easily update the kitchen, swap out the wallpaper, and re-paint the powder room, but if there are structural problems with the home, it could all be for naught. Make sure you consider the major factors of the home, like the condition of the roof and the foundation. If there is an addition on the home, make sure it’s been properly constructed and permitted before you purchase the home. If you notice large cracks in the flooring or the concrete in the garage, there could be a structural issue that will end up costing you thousands.


Don’t forget to look into the condition of the HVAC system and the water heater, as well. These large home fixtures are absolutely vital and if they are aging or failing, they could lead to expensive repair bills. If you are absolutely in love with the home, and it’s otherwise in good condition, consider adjusting your bid or adding a contingency to your offer to cover necessary repairs or replacements.

Resale Value

Finally, it’s always important to remember that your home is also an investment. Before you buy, think about the improvements that you could make to it over the years to make sure it maintains and increases in value. If the neighborhood is an up-and-comer, you could triple your money by the time you sell without lifting a finger. However, many homes will require maintenance and some cosmetic improvements to keep them competitive on the market. Make sure that you think about the future when planning your purchase.


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