Fall Sales: Why Autumn Is a Good Season for Buyers

There are a lot of people who think that the spring is the best time of the year to buy a new home. Many sellers choose spring as the time to put their homes on the market, so there are plenty of options out there. Plus, as the temperatures start to rise across the country in the spring, there are many people who enjoy getting out of their own homes and going to house hunt for a new one. It’s why spring has long been considered the best season to search for a home. But don’t sleep on the fall!
Homebuyer in AutumnThe fall season has also turned into a very attractive buying season for those looking for new homes. It turns out that leaves aren’t the only thing that falls in the autumn months – home prices often fall as well! There are many great deals to be had in the fall since some of the sellers who weren’t able to sell their homes in the spring are more motivated to sell once autumn comes around. Sellers in the autumn season often have a more flexible attitude when it comes to price, so you might be able to score a significantly better deal on a home in the fall than you would be able to in the spring.
Price isn’t the only reason to consider purchasing a home in the fall, either. Another benefit is that the fall can often help you more easily identify shortcomings in a property’s HVAC. If you’re looking at a home on a warm day, you can test a central AC unit and see how well it is functioning to keep the home cool. On the other hand, if you visit a prospective property on a crisp fall day, you can ask the agent to test the heat and verify how well it’s working to keep things comfortable.
In addition to enjoying these benefits, you will also usually find that real estate agents will take you more seriously when you shop for homes in the fall. It feels like everyone is out house hunting in the spring, which makes it difficult for agents to identify who is actually serious about buying a home. In the fall, however, there is less of a crowd, notes Trulia. This means you’ll typically get more attention from agents and other home professionals, which will help your hunt go more smoothly. There also tends to be less inventory on the market at this time of year, which can make narrowing down your property search easier and more convenient.
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