Millennials on the Chisholm Trail

Since 1889, Kingfisher has been Oklahoma’s little jewel. As a part of the Chisholm Trail, Kingfisher was, in a way, a gateway to the west. Kingfisher is still a gateway, much like real estate in general in America, as young adults are purchasing real estate, making that westward expansion trip into full-fledged adulthood.


With the stock market constantly fluctuating between highs and lows, the Millennial generation has instead been choosing to invest their money in real estate. How do Millennials have the money to buy property at such a young age? Well, compared to previous generations, more Millennials have been born into wealth. For example, 24% of Millennials have had significant amounts of money growing up. This has led to Millennials becoming the largest group of homeowners besides the Gen X generation.

Wealthy parents are giving money to their children, and those children are deciding that buying property is their smartest investment. Rather than putting their money into companies and abstract stocks, buying a home is a tangible investment. Even if Millennials are still in the process of getting married or having kids, they can secure a home for their future and protect their money at the same time.

This is leading to a new surge in the real estate market. Kingfisher is no different. There are a number of terrific properties throughout the region, with homes that are perfect for Millennials and members of every other generation. Whether you are looking for a smart investment or a new home for your family, contact the team at Phillips Real Estate to learn more!

*Image courtesy of Gennadiy Kravchenko