Inspect, Then Buy: Why Buyers Should Consider a Home Inspection

Purchasing a new home has the potential to be both the most exciting and stressful time in a person’s life. Since a home is often the largest purchase that most people make in a lifetime, there are real risks involved if the house turns out to have problems that the buyer was not aware of at the time of closing. To help protect yourself – and your investment – here are a few reasons why buyers should consider a home inspection before purchasing a property.

Home InspectionWorking for You

When you hire a home inspector, they are working for you and looking out for your interests. Similar to employing a buyer’s agent to represent your interests during the home search and purchasing process, utilizing the services of a professional home inspector provides you with an ally who will help to protect you from an unscrupulous or uninformed seller.

Technical Knowledge

The complexity of modern homes makes it difficult to thoroughly assess the condition of the property and its many systems like plumbing, electrical and heating. A professional home inspector has years of training and experience evaluating homes with an objective perspective. That means the inspection can help you to save money on repair costs by uncovering any problems before you purchase the property. In many cases, you may be able to negotiate for any needed repairs to be completed by the seller before closing or change your offer to lower your purchase price if problems are discovered during a home inspection.

Plan for the Future

Planning for future repairs is easier with a thorough home inspection, as well. You may decide to purchase a property knowing that it will need some work in the future, but the information obtained from a home inspection will allow you to plan and budget for these expenses. You can use this as a roadmap to tackle the most pressing needs first and prioritize work that needs to be done.

Make Move-In Ready

A home inspection can also provide the convenience of making sure any critical repairs or renovations are made before moving into the home. Whether needed work is paid for by the seller or buyer, in many situations it will be more convenient for the buyer if the repairs are completed before moving into the house.

Staying Safe

Some issues uncovered during a home inspection can be critical and have a major impact on the home’s safety. By performing the inspection before closing, you have an opportunity to identify and address any safety concerns that exist in a home as soon as possible. Problems with the electrical wiring or heating system are common examples of issues that can not only be costly, but may also be dangerous if not corrected, and these should be addressed before completing the sale.

Peace of Mind

Finally, even if a home inspection does not uncover any hidden problems with a home, it can still be money well spent. Buyers are able to proceed with a home purchase while enjoying peace of mind after a professional home inspection has been conducted on the property. That can make you more confident in your offer and, if you face competition for the home, allow you to adjust your offer with the knowledge that the home you’re negotiating for is exactly what you want it to be.

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