Four Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make

Shopping for a home is quite different than shopping for a new pair of sneakers, and for first-time homebuyers, it can be easy to make big mistakes that may seem small when you first start to look. Here are four common mistakes first-time homebuyers make that you should avoid during your property your search.

Home Search TipsNot Opening All the Doors

HGTV says that if you’re touring a home, it’s important to open every door, whether for drawers, doors, closets or any other fixture. This gives a really good sense of the home and the space it has to offer. You may find that a door opens into a surprisingly large closet or you might discover that the drawers are stuck or damaged, which can impact your decision. There’s no use spending time at an open house with your Realtor if you’re just politely glancing at everything! Really take your time to look though the home and don’t be shy about checking things out – just remember to be respectful if the home is still occupied.

Winging It

When you first start looking for a home, all of the features and details you see are overwhelming, and you’re probably seeing more than one house in a day. Fox Business suggests making a “wish” list and a “need” list, and bring copies with you to each home. Wish lists can include things like a covered patio, an extra parking spot in the garage, or an en-suite bathroom in the guest bedroom. Your need list should cover more absolute things, however, like the necessary number of bedrooms, kitchen appliances, washer/dryer hookups and location. Don’t just wing it and tour homes without a plan; go in knowing what you want and what you need and consider each home with these factors in mind.

Skipping Photos

Many buyers breeze through homes, saying “yes” or “maybe” on a gut instinct, but after you’ve looked at seven houses in a row, they can start to blur together. Take photos in each property that you visit and mark down the home’s address so when you finish up for the day, you can really go through the homes you viewed and decide if any are worth revisiting or making an offer.

Being Too Polite 

First-time homebuyers are new to the process and they may feel reluctant to be too straightforward with their agent. Many new buyers don’t want to come off as unappreciative or difficult, but at the end of the day, your agent is working to help you find your new home. That means if you don’t like something or you want to add an item to your “need” list, speak up! Your Realtor will appreciate the feedback and the ability to help you find homes more in line with what you’re looking for. Plus, having an open line of communication will make the search much more fun and, ultimately, more successful.

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