Five Things to Do As You Prepare to Sell: Inside the Home

Preparing your home to sell can be a lengthy process, but the prep work you put in can help move your home more quickly and for more money. As we discussed in our last blog, there are a number of things you can do outside to get ready for a sale. This week, let’s take a look inside the home and see how you can help boost your home’s marketability.

Make Everything Sparkle

As we move to the inside of your home, it’s important to make sure everything is spick and span. Dust the ceiling fan blades, wipe down every countertop in the kitchen and bathroom, polish wood surfaces and paneling, and clean out clutter wherever possible. Making sure everything is dust and dirt free will make your home look move-in ready and can help increase the value of your home.

Home Selling Process Use Neutral Colors

You might enjoy that blood-red color in your bedroom, but when it comes to paints, bold colors can actually drive the value of your home down. A better option is to repaint rooms with more neutral colors that are easier to decorate with. While you may love your red paint, it could turn off a possible buyer. Neutral colors like tan and white are much easier on the eyes and encourage people to focus on the room and not the walls, says Forbes, which can help them see themselves in the space in the future.

Eliminate Funky Smells

Do you have a dog or cat? If so, you may be nose blind to the wet dog smell or the litter box stink, but these smells can be the first thing that a prospective buyer notices. If you have pets or small animals, make sure their odors are gone entirely. Even the smallest whiff of something out of the ordinary could cause some home buyers to move along in their search.

Organize Your Closets

Many prospective buyers will also dig into closets to see how much storage space is available. Make your closets look larger by keeping them tidy and organized. Buyers want to see that they can make the space work for them, so make sure to keep closets organized as best you can.

Get Rid of Bulky Furniture

If you’re not leaving the furniture behind with your home, make sure to organize it before staging the home. Keeping your home open and airy gives it the appearance of having plenty of space, so positioning furniture in a way that allows buyers to imagine how they could decorate and arrange their own furniture goes further in helping them see themselves in your home – and making an offer.


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